Fall Tablescape with Target

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Happy Wednesday guys! Can you believe it’s already October 25? I feel like it was just yesterday I was making my October goals, I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

Today I’m bringing you a fall tablescape which you can create easily with just a few things from Target (Target always comes through doesn’t it?!) This fall tablescape was brought to yours truly by a random trip to Target to just “see what was inside”, we all know how that goes.

Jadoregrace.com// Fall Tablescape with Target

I truly believe a tablescape needs but two essential pieces: a fitting runner and centerpiece. This grey and black striped runner was perfect for pairing with Fall items (such as pumpkins and fall scented candles!)

Jadoregrace.com// Fall Tablescape with Target

Scatter a few decorative pieces and candles to set the atmosphere and your perfect fall tablescape will come to life! I chose to go with pumpkins (a cheap and easy decor piece) and candles and kept it simple as the runner already brought so much attention to the eye!

Jadoregrace.com// Fall Tablescape with Target

I don’t know what it is about a pillar candle that I love so much but I have these scattered all over our home. Such an easy way to add a warm and cozy aura in our home and I love it!

Jadoregrace.com// Fall Tablescape with Target

In other news, this week I found out a friend of mine passed away by taking his own life.

It was a shock because I had no idea that he had been struggling with anything close to depression, he had always been so full of life and engaging with others, I remember how he was always surrounded by friends and was always the life of the party bringing laughter and jokes along with him.

He was in a wonderful school program and set for success, it hit me really hard when I heard that he had passed. I am aware now, more than ever, of how heavy depression can be and hope that we can encourage those who are going through it to never have to take measures like this.

If you are going through something please know that you are loved, you are worthy and there is always hope.

Fall Tablescape

Table Runner // Orange Hurricane Candle Holder // Vintage Candle Holder // Pumpkins // Yankee Candle // Pillar Candle

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  1. What a pretty tablescape! This totally looks like something I would want in my home. I love how all of the items are from Target - that makes it super easy. They have the best home decor.

  2. This is so wonderfully festive! Wish we still had Target here in Canada - I want to pick all of these up right now! Lol

  3. How pretty! I need to add some more fall decor to my home!

  4. I love the simplicity and that it's so well put together-- beautiful!

  5. So cute! Target has the best home decor :)

  6. This is so pretty! I'm always so wrapped up into Target's home decor, they have the best stuff!

  7. That is such a pretty table scape! Target has the best home decor!!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. Love your fall decor! Target really does have the best stuff for fall – I am always so tempted when I go in just to pick up a few things!

  9. I had so much tablescape jealousy when I saw this cuteness on Instagram!You've inspired me! <3

  10. Okay LOVE this table design and Target has so many great option!


  11. This turned out so great! Love that you partnered with Target!
    Tori || Victori Media



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