The Fall Cardigan

7:00 AM

I went up to Boone, NC with my best friend this past weekend and the occasion called for combat boots and a trusty cardigan! We spent the morning at the Farmer’s Market and I got some red peppers (which smelled SO good) and fresh ginger...oh, and I couldn’t resist getting some caramel popcorn, I don’t know why it’s so good at the farmer’s market!!

Of course we admired all of the pumpkins, anybody have some good pumpkin recipes to share with me?!

This particular cardigan was from one of my favorite stores, Altar’d State. I’ve also linked some of my favorite cardigans from this season.

What are some of your fall essentials?

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  1. Hey Grace, I love going to the farmers market! Cute cardigan by the way, you look gorgeous in it. I live for cozy comfy sweaters like this in the Fall. :)

  2. You are such a stunner, I love this whole post. your outfit is adorable.

  3. Can't wait to head to a farmer's market soon! And love your cardigan!

  4. This sweater is so cute girl! Your lashes look amazing

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  5. This cardigan is so cute. I love khaki/gray tones for this time of year.

  6. Such a cute outfit for the farmers market and picking out some pumpkins! :)

    xoxo, Paige

  7. This is the cutest outfit ever! I love the scarf and the cardi!

  8. Super cute cardigan and your scarf is so adorable too!


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