Casual Dress for the Weekend

8:00 AM

There's nothing I love more than a beautiful dress that is comfortable to wear and easy on the eyes. I mean just look at the color of this dress from Pink Blush.

Just perfect for wearing to church on Sunday and coming home to relax in. I didn't even have to change into my pajamas because of how comfortable it was.

Sundays are such a busy day for me - I spend the whole day cleaning, meal prepping for Joe, and getting things ready for my work week. I love starting my week with a clean home and a set schedule as well as having all my meals planned out. We've been traveling out of town on the weekends often so Sunday has always been a day of catching up. This weekend we stayed in Greenville and we were able to relax and take Sunday to really prepare for the week and I loved it.

I love traveling but I also love being home and getting things done for our home and life here. Have you taken a look at PinkBlush and their holiday selection? So many cute items you can still snag for New Year's. It's safe to say PinkBlush has easily become one my favorite clothing shops!

Thank you PinkBlush for sponsoring this post.

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