December Goals

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December Goals

The most MAGICAL month of the year is here! This month, I want to do all of the cute holiday things with my husband and start new traditions but I also want to remember the reason for the season.

This month more than ever, I am grateful for the sacrifice our Heavenly Father made by sending His one and only Son to die for our sins. Truly, this is the most beautiful gesture of love and it should be remembered every day! // December Bucketlist for the Christmas and Holiday Season

  1. Go Ice-Skating
  2. Send out our Christmas Cards
  3. Host a Christmas Movie Night
  4. Have a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest
  5. Bake and Decorate Christmas Cookies
  6. Kiss Under the Mistletoe
  7. Read a Book by the Fireplace
  8. Make a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
  9. Go Caroling
  10. Drink Hot Chocolate

Amongst these fun December Bucketlist items, I hope to be able to.. Make some Christmas ornaments, deliver baked goods to our neighbors, make peppermint bark, and have a weekend get-away with my husband! He has a quiz every week for medical school and then will be ending this year with an exam, tough schedule for him, prayers would definitely be appreciated!

In terms of professional goals.. I want to,

  1. Make a game plan for the year and how I want to approach our busiest season
  2. Keep Pitching Brands Daily and Keeping up with Social Engagement
  3. Venture into videos (?!)

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  1. Ooh, this is so fun! Which movies will you do for your Christmas movie night? My boyfriend and I are doing 12 cheesy Christmas movies this year and they're so great and terrible.

  2. Fun list! I'm basically planning on having Christmas movie night all month long! So many to watch!

  3. Love the December bucket list! I’m definitely looking forward to getting some hot chocolate weather (hopefully!)

  4. I did my OCC box last month- LOVE that charity!! Love this fun bucket list Grace!! Hoping Joe finishes the school year strong!

    xoxo A

  5. Love the bucket list, I see some things I'd like to get done too.

  6. I always love to go ice skating during the holidays.

  7. This is a great bucket list! For me, this season will be filled with packing and prepping for moving away, so not quite as festive but just as exciting!

  8. Love your December goals. They are so fun! I definitely should try one of these!

  9. Making a gingerbread house sounds so fun. I haven't done this in years.

  10. I love your December goals! Here’s to achieving them all!

  11. So many of these goals are on my bucket list! Good luck on your list!


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