Farm Charm and Sherpa Vest with Marley Lilly

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There’s just something about country living and the farm lifestyle that has a charm to it that I have just recently started to adore. I was born in New York City and as a city gal the thought of being outdoors (like in the woods) used to scare me, I was seriously terrified of it. // Farm Charm and Sherpa Vest with Marley Lilly

Fast forward to when I met Joe who was from the mountains of NC. He had grown up camping, going hiking frequently, had friends and family who knew the farm lifestyle and country living. He quickly introduced me to a lifestyle that I was at first VERY uncomfortable with. Then I went on my first backpacking trip with him and learned to love the grit that comes with being outdoors and actually sleeping outdoors. // Farm Charm and Sherpa Vest with Marley Lilly

I had never grown up hiking or camping so I had never been a fan of those things. It’s funny to see how I now love going to the mountains and breaking a sweat with a good hike and how I don’t mind getting dirt on my knees and hands. Joe wants to own chickens one day and I can’t say I’m completely on board with that yet.. But you know what, you never know. // Farm Charm and Sherpa Vest with Marley Lilly

So it’s funny to see pictures of myself with cows in the background (see below for reference) because I would have never seen myself in situations like that before! Okay now let’s talk about this amazing vest from Marley Lilly. It is so soft and has kept me warm on many occasions! It’s perfect for that winter hike you’re thinking of going on or for running errands on the weekends. // Farm Charm and Sherpa Vest with Marley Lilly

Here’s a way to have yourself looking chic and put together while also so so comfortable. Oh and did I mention it’s on SALE for only $35?! It is true to size and looks so flattering and will keep you warm. All the great things you could ever ask for in a winter vest. AND you can get your monogram on it. Could I be more in love?

What are your favorite items to get monogrammed? Don’t forget to follow Marley Lilly on Facebook and Instagram!

I was gifted this item by Marley Lilly. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those who support Jadoregrace.

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  1. I've never been camping so it's good to hear that there's still hope for me haha! This vest looks so cozy and I can't get over how PHENOMENAL your lashes always look.

  2. I love this style of vest! I swear that every time I see one in the store I have to touch it; they're SO SOFT. The monogram adds the perfect preppy touch! :)

    Hannah | the swirl blog

  3. You look adorable and I'm obsessed with that vest! Sherpa and monograms it doesn't get any better!


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