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Christmas is gone and there’s that last anticipation of the New Year lingering in the air and I’m anxious for 2018 to start but don’t want to say good-bye to 2017 just yet. My sweetest memories to date were made in 2017 but I’ll save that sappiness for a post reflecting on the whole year.

I took this Monday and Wednesday off from writing blog posts to really enjoy the Holiday season and not put pressure on myself to create content when I wanted to use that time wisely with family. It felt great to have a little break but I do admit I missed writing for y'all! As of now I haven't quite reached a level of burnout with Jadoregrace, this little space has been so much fun for me to contribute to! I'm excited for the content that I will bring you guys in 2018 :)

I’m not quite ready to let go of the season where sparkles and bright red lips are the norm. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to bring that final “wow” factor. That’s why I’m excited to show y’all this glittery off the shoulder top from PinkBlush. // New Year's Ready with PinkBlush

Have you guys seen the weather for January 1, 2018?! It’s going to be COLD. And that’s why this top is perfect because you definitely have to wear leggings or some pants with it! I’m all for looking cute but also dressing suitably for the weather! // New Year's Ready with PinkBlush

The perfect detail for this top would be in the sleeves. The knots on the sides add that little detail that makes the top really stand out just a little bit more. // New Year's Ready with PinkBlush // New Year's Ready with PinkBlush // New Year's Ready with PinkBlush

Do you guys have exciting New Year’s Plans? Joe and I didn’t plan this one out very well and have NO plans! We’re going to be ringing in the New Year starting WHOLE 30 and hopefully we’ll make some fun plans this weekend. But who knows, we might just ring in the new year, the two of us, talking about our goals and dreams for 2018. // New Year's Ready with PinkBlush

It is just the best to know that I’ll be starting the new year with my best friend and hubby by my side, being married is the best and this season of life has been my most favorite yet! // New Year's Ready with PinkBlush // New Year's Ready with PinkBlush

Next time I’ll see y’all will be in the NEW YEAR! I’d love to be inspired by you guys and learn what your major goals and priorities are for the New Year so please comment them below!

Thank you PinkBlush for sponsoring this post

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  1. Pinkblush has some really cute clothes! Love that top on you!

  2. You look so darn cute! & I'm so jealous of your gorgeous hair!

  3. So glad you had a great holiday! You have the prettiest hair and makeup!

    xoxo A

  4. I'm excited for 2018 too! Absolutely adore those earrings btw

  5. This top is so cute! I love the details :)


  6. This top is so pretty! Happy New Year babe :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  7. Your hair looks amazing and I love your outfit. Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year! I love the outfit. Um, it was 4 degrees when I went to work this morning and I could hardly breathe!

  9. This top is the cutest! Love the color!

  10. I love this look! Your hair looks amazing too

  11. you have the most gorgeous hair! happy new year to you babe!

  12. love your new years look! It is so cute! happy new year :-)


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