My Favorite Newlywed Decor

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Something that I get asked frequently is to show what our newlywed home looks like. As of today, Joe and I have been married for a little over 7 months and we obviously started with practically nothing. I was reluctant at first to show you guys our home because it’s nowhere near the Pinterest perfect level that I want it to be at! 

But you know what I have realized? I won’t ever get my Pinterest worthy-home unless I’m willing to shell out all out of our money but with the financial goals that Joe and I have, we just can’t justify buying furniture that we 1) do not need right now and 2) can’t guarantee we will love forever! Anyways, with that being said, I’m going to invite you into our lovely and cozy newlywed home - it’s scattered with little touches and bargain buys and I love it. 

I love this corner of our living room. What is now our TV stand used to be our coffee table made by our dear friends who gifted it to us a wedding present (best present ever, am I right?!) A few months into our marriage we finally got a TV and needed something to place it on and so it later became our TV stand isn’t that great?! Do you see all those board games underneath the TV? Joe and I love playing board games and having friends over to play them, hopefully our children will love them just as much!!

I also have a funny story about those curtains behind the TV. I went and bought curtain rods that were way too long for that window and I don’t know how but Joe managed to half the curtain rod and so now our curtains cover ¾ of our windows. I love those curtains there anyway because they can do so much for a window space!

I also love this little corner of our home. The cello makes a great showpiece (I haven’t really played it much these days) and I feel like it brings a classic feel to our living room. That beautiful mirror was a find at Hobby Lobby and also what made me become an official fan of that store!

This nightstand was something we found at the Restore at an extremely cheap price and then I got a little Joanna Gaines-y and painted it with Chalk Paint. It was definitely an adventure and you can see the whole transformation process HERE. Our dresser was also a find at the ReStore and I loved it because of the detailing on the front as well as the golden knobs. The look I was going for was one that was similar to furniture sold as Restoration Hardware! Right now our dresser also functions as my vanity in the mornings (you’ve probably seen me take many selfies with it if you follow me on instagram LOL)

Right now our bed doesn’t have a headboard or any kind of decoration above it. I’ve been in the process of deciding whether we want a headboard or if we want to try to create some kind of creative headboard that is a little different. I haven’t quite got to that part of our place yet but I hope too one of these days!!

Lastly, our dining room area is filled with my favorite wedding present our table. It has that farmhouse look I adore and during the holiday season I decided to hang some lights up and just loved the look of it that I’m just going to keep it like that! We took away our Holiday Tablescape and I will be scheming up a new tablescape to fit the mood we are in.

Well, there you have it! A little introduction to the place Joe and I call home. We don’t have a lot but we have everything that we need and it has been my favorite place to live yet!

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  1. I love your decor! So simple yet so elegant!

  2. I'm also in the process of decorating my home, I love how cozy your space looks!


  3. Your home is gorgeous! I love how cozy it looks and your cello is so fab! I didn't know you played! I played violin when I was a kid haha!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Decorating a home is so much fun - but also a very lengthy process! Love the touches you've added to yours so far. Can't wait to see what else you do!

  5. What I appreciate about these decor photos: they're gorgeous, but look like an actual person's home! So many Pinterest photos have been obviously staged, and so this so refreshing!
    Tori || Victori Media

  6. What pretty decor! You have done a fabulous job decorating!


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