Blush Pink Sweater

7:00 AM

I always get a little emotional when it comes to the end of a season because I start to think of all the good things that came with it. For example, this winter... I wish I had worn more of my sweaters and hats!!! I looked at the weather for this week and saw highs of over 70 degrees (what?!) I thought spring was a month away! / Blush Pink Sweater

I’m not complaining, not at all, I’m so excited to start breaking out my spring wardrobe, the bright colors and fun prints really make me happy. But, there is a kind of magic to winter clothes that I will definitely miss. I’ve got to take advantage of the cold weather days as much as I can! / Blush Pink Sweater / Blush Pink Sweater

I’m also in love with this Columbia beanie with the cute little pom on top! It has a liner inside of the hat to keep your head EXTRA warm. I’m a big fan of practical and fashionable items and this beanie definitely fits that criteria. / Blush Pink Sweater / Blush Pink Sweater

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

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  1. ohhh that beanie does look sooo comfy! but i'm mostly digging that sweater that looks like a blanket ;)

  2. Love the blush pink sweater! I always get emotional when it's the end of the season too!


  3. Could you be any cuter?! I love the proportions of the oversized sweater paired with the skinny jeans.


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