Bright Work Wear Inspiration

7:00 AM

Who says that workwear always has to be black or navy blue? I remember when I first started working full-time I felt like my creativity and personality was stifled by all of the black and navy blue that I was wearing until I decided to make a change because workwear doesn’t have to be boring!! // Bright Work Wear Inspiration // Bright Work Wear Inspiration // Bright Work Wear Inspiration // Bright Work Wear Inspiration // Bright Work Wear Inspiration

This outfit has been in my closet for more than 3 years but I did try to find some updated links to items for you guys.

How do you spice up your work outfits?

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  1. Such a cute work look! My office is super casual and I sometimes wish I had a reason to dress things up a bit.

  2. My job is super casual so I wear all sorts of bright colors and things to work. When I had a business casual internship last year though I still loved wearing bright color- there's lots of office appropriate dresses in pretty colors! Such a cute look on you.

    xoxo A

  3. oh i loveee the idea of incorporating brighter colors into work wear!!! Such a cute outfit you chose! I am all for some bright pops up pink and subtle blues!

  4. This is so fun! Bright colors are a great thing to wear to the office!

  5. Wow I am loving this look! So very cute girl!

  6. Such a cute look! I love the bright pops of colour, especially those pants!

  7. i love the pastels! so fun and colorful!

  8. Such a fun outfit! The color combos are great.

  9. ohhh these look like some good things!! i love what you're wearing anyway but the list you put together looks so awesome too <3

  10. This is such an adorable look! It's definitely too casual for my office, but I always try to incorporate some fun lace details or bright colors with more formal fits. I have a bright peach pencil skirt that I love!

    Logan |

  11. ohh I really love this outfit - I actually work in politics and this outfit may be a bit too casual to wear to a meeting on the Hill but this would definitely be a great color combo for a casual friday this spring!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  12. This is so cute! My workplace would die if I was so colorful hahaha

  13. Such a colorful work outfit! Love the bright pink pants!

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  15. This is so adorable! Those pants are everything. What a fun wok outfit!



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