Romping Around Boston

7:00 AM Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash

Boston in the summer is A M A Z I N G. Do you feel like your city just blooms in the summer? Maybe it's because we're not in Greenville and everything seems amazing compared to Greenville, but seriously, I LOVE BOSTON. I need to get a tee that says that. Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash

This week I have been trying out Classpass and I have been having SO MUCH FUN. I love trying new things and getting to burn calories is also a perk. I tried a Reformer class and then a cycling class at The Handle Bar - oh my gosh, SO FUN. Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash

I also feel so thankful because God provided me a job so quickly, it's like he knew that I would not be able to just sit still in Boston and definitely needed to do something. This has been my first week of working and it has been a blast - and boy has it made the days go by more quickly. I almost feel like this week has gone by more quickly than I wanted it to! Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash

If you follow along with my Food Instagram (@jadore.eats) you've also seen all of the restaurants we've been able to check out. I have a list about a mile long and just keep getting more and more recommendations. I want to check all of them out and the painful thing is that we are already developing favorites and are constantly torn between going to the place we loved and trying a new place! Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash

Okay, now that I've talked your ear off about how much I am loving Boston, let's talk about the real star of this show. This ROMPER. Okay, I do have to be honest, I had a bit of a hard time zipping up the back, just kind of struggled, but we got through it together and I made some magic moves and was able to zip it up a-okay. Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash

Other than that, the quality is A1. The sash at the waist that lets you tie a bow - AMAZING. And the colors and the stripes, I've really been into the stripes lately, just loving it. If you touch the fabric of this romper, it feels like it should be expensive. Do you know what I'm saying? This isn't the light-weight, gets a hole after two washes kind of fabric, it's thick and will not let you down.

I love wearing it out with my trusty Sam Edelman flats, hands down the most comfortable flats I have owned in my life. Fun fact: they were also my wedding shoes! I like to keep things practical :) Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash

This romper would be SO cute for July 4th, just saying.

My earrings are from my Rocksbox this month - if you want to try it out just use my code "jadoregracexoxo" for a FREE MONTH! Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash Romping Around Boston - Blue romper with Bow Sash

Do you guys have fun plans for this weekend?! Joe and I are going to try to knock out another item on our Boston bucket list and DEFINITELY eating some good food. Stay tuned via Instagram.

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  1. That romper is the cutest thing!!

  2. It's so hard to find cute rompers that aren't super short, but this one is perfect!

  3. I've heard great things about classpass but have yet to try it myself. You are rocking that romper!

  4. What an adorable romper! I love these for summer, so easy to basically live in LOL!

  5. ohhh love! you really know how to rock a romper so well :)

  6. such a perfect suit for summer!

  7. This is so cute! Love the stripes.

  8. Congrats on the new job! How awesome!
    Also, your romper is amazing! I love the stripes!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. I lovelovelove this romper so much! Congrats on the job! That's so awesome!

  10. Love this look for a day in Boston. Flats are a must for all the walking!!

  11. omg love the cute romper and now you have me wanting to come up to Boston!!

  12. So in April, my husband and I had our wedding reception here and we both have no regrets with choosing this venue. I am still receiving compliments from all our guests. The food at wedding venues Los Angeles was delicious from appetizer to dessert.


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