The Only Pants I Would Wear

7:00 AM // The Only Linen Pants I'll Wear This Summer

Alright ladies, if you know me, you know that I do not wear pants. If I could wear dresses to workout, I would. I just don't like wearing pants, it always feel restricting to me and I like to feel freeeeeeee. Anybody feel this on a personal level?! // The Only Linen Pants I'll Wear This Summer

We packed two carry-ons and one suitcase for our stay in Boston. I do have to say I wasn't expecting the cold temperatures that we are having. (Cold as in sixty degrees which actually isn't even that cold but I'm from the South so that is cold for me!!) // The Only Linen Pants I'll Wear This Summer

I needed a comfy option that would keep my legs warm and wouldn't feel restricting. In come these linen pants. Holy moly, they are comfortable! And I have gotten so many compliments on this outfit. But best of all, I am comfortable. Paired with these comfy shoes, this outfit is the perfect summer outfit for both a kind of chilly day and even a hot day! // The Only Linen Pants I'll Wear This Summer // The Only Linen Pants I'll Wear This Summer // The Only Linen Pants I'll Wear This Summer

Quite literally, these are probably the only pants I'll wear this summer. Love them!

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  1. it looks so good on you! and i love the stripes, can't figure out why you dont like pants xD

  2. Those pants looks so comfortable. I need to get a pair for summer!

  3. I would definitely wear only those pants if I had them! They’re so pretty on you!

    Ash |

  4. Um, ok these pants are SO CUTE. They look perfect for summer and extra comfy!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

  5. This looks like the perfect outfit for strutting around the city! I'm not a pants girl either, give me a comfy pair of shorts or a dress any day...but I'm with you, I just might wear these pants!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  6. YES girl those pants look so cute on you and look extremely comfortable. Summer staple!

  7. Oh my gosh I'm in awe of how little you packed for Boston- chronic over packer over here!! These are the most darling summer pants and they look great on you. :)

    xoxo A

  8. Those pants look so comfy! They look beautiful on you as well :)

  9. These pants are so cute! I love the color :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  10. This outfit is chic, yet so cozy and cool looking-- perfect for warm weather!

  11. I'm the opposite - I love pants because I'm so clumsy and ungraceful so I'm always worried I'll trip and accidentally flash people when I'm in a dress haha.
    These pants look lovely! Culottes are my faves because they're breezy like dresses!

    xo, Deborah
    < Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  12. Those pants look insanely comfortable! Love the way you styled them! Such a cute outfit for spring or summer.

  13. These pants are chic and super comfy looking!

    Xo Mindy


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