Customized Christmas Cards with Basic Invite

7:00 AM

Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring this post 

You guys, it’s finally December!!! It’s acceptable for me to play (AND SING) Christmas songs, wear all the glitter, and to rock the red lips every day if I want to. 

It’s also the best season to reach out to your family, your loved ones, your coworkers with the Christmas spirit of joy. One of my favorite ways to keep in touch with our relatives and loved ones is through snail mail. Joe’s grandmother writes us a handwritten letter every month and it always makes us feel so special! 

I’m so excited to send out our Christmas cards this year. Last year I was on top of it and had my Christmas cards in well before December even started (See last year’s Christmas cards here. 

I’ve always loved using Basic Invite for our cards. The process is so easy, they have the most darling designs, and you can completely customize it! 

Here are some of the reasons I love using Basic Invite- 

Address Capturing: You can share a link to any of your major social media platforms and get all of the addresses that you need for your cards. On top of that, they will address the cards for you, FOR FREE. Have you ever had to sit down and write the addresses for more than 30 cards? You’ll be grateful that Basic Invite will go ahead and do this for you! 

FOIL - You guys know how much I love glitter! Their holiday cards are available in the most beautiful foil in the colors gold, silver, and rose gold. You have the option of choosing between flat or raised foil. 

Custom Samples - I’m a perfectionist at heart and Basic Invite is one of the only websites that will allow you to order a printed sample. This way you can see exactly how your invite looks, touch it, feel it, and make sure there are no errors in your card. This will alleviate any worries you have about ordering a bulk amount of cards! 

Almost Unlimited Colors - I had over 180 different color options to choose from for my cards. The costs don’t change and you can customize it completely to your wants and needs. You’ll be able to change even the littlest detail with Basic Invite. To me, every details counts so I LOVE this feature! 

If you want to be fancy, you can even ask for your cards to be addressed in calligraphy. It’s an amazing way to have your loved ones feel special! 

Basic Invite offers so many different holiday card options, some of the ones that are different (that I love) are the following: 

Get your holiday cards now and you will be able to send them out in time for Christmas. Basic Invite will even stamp and send out your cards for you! If you’re short on time this year, you won’t have to worry about getting them delivered to you first! 



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