May Goals

7:00 AM

It’s a new month and I’m excited for warm weather, flowers to spring up, and potential early trips to the beach! April was a busy month, we spent the first half packing up our apartment and the second half unpacking our new place! It took about two weeks (especially with Joe being on rotations) to unpack the place but we are finally there.
We also started the Contentment Challenge (If you missed it, catch up here) and so our goals this month will largely be focused around that! Along with the contentment challenge, I found myself really evaluating other areas of my life and making some decisions to take control of the areas that I was not happy with! I feel like I’m having an early mid-life crisis of sorts, it’s hard to put into words but I’m making some dramatic changes as my priorities are changing and it’s scary but also exciting!

-          Our 2nd Year Anniversary
-          Mother’s Day

-          Hello Fresh recipes: I’ve been using these recipes to cook our meals and it has been a game changer!

-          BLUE LIKE JAZZ: Wow, this book is amazing. It’s raw, real, simple, and really makes you sit back and think. Each page opens up multiple aspects to ponder on and it is really really good story telling. There’s definitely a reason why it has become a national best seller!

  • -          Work out 6 days a week (and take workouts outside)
  • -          Clean out closet and sell / donate clothes
  • -          Spend intentional time in the word and devotionals
  • -          Celebrate our 2nd Year Anniversary in a way that is “us”
  • -          Finish reading two books
  • -          Go to Farmer’s Market
  • -          Grill out and spend a few days by the pool
  • -          Make sangria
  • -          Throw a dinner party al fresco
  • -          Go on a picnic
  • -          Take it slow and try to just take in the good things in life

-          Workout 3-4x a week (working out kind of got put on the backburner, especially with getting everything ready for the move!)
-          Serve my husband well as he starts a new season of rotations in the hospital (I’ve been waking up at 5:30 every morning to make sure he gets breakfast and gets dropped off ta work because we only have one car. My body has been struggling but I’m grateful to be able to do these things for him!)
-          Spend time in the word in the mornings (I’ve cranked out my bible much more and it feels great!!)
-          Get moved in to our new place (We are all settled in and absolutely LOVING our new place!)
-          Pursue transportation options for Joe (still on hold..)
-          Celebrate Easter and rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord and Savior
-          Brainstorm the potential for a garden (we are going to make do with just planting some herbs in our pots, which we did!).

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