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Hi guys, it's PRIME day! It's also the day that we finish our Contentment Challenge (basically 3 months of not buying material items that are not considered a necessity). At first, I wasn't going to share anything on Prime day and then I realized that there are actually a number of good sales for the items that we use regularly around the house and I wanted to make sure you guys could take advantage of it.

I shared a little bit of this on my Instagram Story but I feel very strongly about buying items that you have your heart set on and that fit your budget. I am very very passionate about using your money wisely so look at the list of items I've recommended and if you've had your heart set on any of them and the price point looks good to you, I say GO FOR IT! These prices are good!

**I will try to update this post if I see more deals!**


- Deebot 500 Robotic Vacuum: I have had this on my list for MONTHS. Ever since we got Banjo I have practically had to vacuum after him every day and this will save me so much time so I definitely snagged it this time around!
- LEVOIT Air Purifier: Another MUST in our home. The price is amazing ($50 as opposed to the $90 we paid). It helps to purify the air from Banjo's hair and let's face it the smells he brings in as well.
- Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush: I thought I didn't need an electronic toothbrush until my brother (who is about to be a dentist) basically told me it was essentia.I love this one so much it's sleek and I have clean teeth every night so I'm happy!
- Dyson V7 Animal Pro+: My life was forever changed once I got this cordless vacuum. It's amazing for vacuuming virtually anywhere I want to in the house without having to continuously replug it. I can also vacuum out my car whenever I want because it can change into a hand-held vacuum as well. Definitely at a GREAT price point right now.


- Ninja Coffee Maker: We love this coffeemaker. It looks so sleek in our kitchen and makes coffee for us first thing in the morning!
- Kitchen AidIf you bake often go ahead and snag this KitchenAid, it's so helpful for me when I'm making cakes and muffins and if you have the attachments you can make spiralized zoodles in a jiffy!
- Fullstar (12 pack) Food Storage ContainersIf you cook often and bring lunch to work, the food storage containers will be amazing! The lids are ESSENTIAL! I hate using tupperware with lids that eventually break.


- Dog Nail Clippers You can read more about the essentials that I've listed for your new puppy here but you can save yourself a lot of money by learning to clip your dogs nails early on!
- Training Collar: Joe and I just bought this for Banjo and this is the highest rated shock collar for him. I wish we had waited till prime day to get it!
- Himalayan Yak Chews: We swear by these for Banjo. They last FOREVER and he loves them. When they're chewed down to the nub, you can pop them in the microwave for a really tasty treat.


- Apple Watch Band: I wear my apple watch all the time and have the blue sport band on it. I've had this on my "want" list for a while to make my watch a bit more presentable for dressier outfits!

Let me know what your favorite Prime finds have been!

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