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Hi friends! I’m excited to get a little personal and answer some questions that you have sent our way. My husband isn’t featured often on the blog and I’m really excited to let you guys have a better idea of the person he is and how important he is to me!

How did you meet?

I got this question multiple times and it’s always such a fun one to answer!

My husband and I went to a public boarding high school called the North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics. It was a school for students that wanted higher learning opportunities than what their local highschool could offer. Basically, we’re both huge nerds. My husband lived in the mountains of North Carolina and I lived in Fayetteville, NC (at the time) so we would have NEVER met if it wasn’t for this school.

We became friends at this school and eventually started dating during high school!

First date?

Okay, this brings back the funniest memories for me.

So my husband and I were friends before we started dating and I had absolutely no feelings for him. I used to run with him after school so he was my “running buddy”, he was a good friend to me. At our highschool, you couldn’t leave campus without a “buddy” so this was very convenient for me. My friends used to tease me and say that he was really into me but I was completely oblivious to it! Well one day, he asked me to go to this mexican restaurant with him as a “plus one” to a party. I think that was when I started to realize that he probably had feelings for me and so I call it our first date.

After going to the party together, we came back to school (we lived at our school since it was a public boarding school) and made strawberry smoothies and then played Just Dance together and then watched the movie “3 Idiots”. I had so much fun and it was such a funny first date to me. It seems like ages ago! To this day, I laugh at how we played Just Dance together and whenenever I hear the songs that we danced to, I can’t help but grin. It’s really crazy to me how I’ve known my husband for a decade now.

What is your proposal story?

I actually have a blog post about the events that happened on this day HERE completel with pictures of me ugly crying hahahaha.

I got engaged on my birthday and he hid the engagement ring in a pair of running sneakers. So he pulled it off like he was giving me sneakers as a present for my birthday and the ring was tied to the shoelace! It was a total surprise. We had actually already planned to go see The Lion King with my parents so it was so fun to celebrate it with them afterwards as well.

Where did you get married?

We got married in Boone, NC which is actually where my husband’s family was living at the time. It was such a blessing to have my mother-in-law there because she took care of so many aspects of the wedding day for me. We got married May 27, 2017 and I had always wanted to have a wedding in the mountains, so my dream came true!

If you want to see more blog posts on our wedding, you can see them here!

How did you guys balance spending time while he was in medical school?

The first of medical school was the hardest because we were transitioning to a new city, new job, new course curriculum (for Joe) so it was a lot to handle. We made a list of things that we would definitely do together and we promised each other that we would always work out together and eat dinner together when we could. So we spent a lot of time working out and eating together and then Joe would go off to his study. I survived that first year by surrounding myself with friends and also taking up a hobby (like this blog).

What is y’alls favorite date night option?

Joe and I both LOVE food so our perfect date night involves a really nice meal and then cuddles on the couch at home and a movie!

Well, that was a lot of fun! I hope you enjoyed getting to know my husband and our relationship more! Thank you so much for reading and following along with our lives.

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