Gyms Offering FREE Online Workouts during COVID-19

12:15 PM

Guys, it is a crazy time but this is the silver lining right here. You all know how much I love trying new things and new workouts and so many incredible gyms are offering virtual, live classes for you to be a part of. My heart is singinggggggg at the opportunities and I wanted to share them with you!

With so many of us having to practice social distancing, exercising is a GREAT way to get some endorphins and get out of any funk you may be feeling during this time. Now, let's get to working out our booties and having fun together virtually!

  1. OnePeleton - is offering access to their online app for 90 days! I did a running workout and a strength workout with them and had a lot of fun. 
  2. Orange Theory - offering at home daily workouts for you to follow on their YouTube channel! 
  3. Rumble Boxing - is posting boxing-inspired workouts live to their Instagram stories daily. I box on the regular so this will be amazing. 
  4. Core Power Yoga - offering free access to their online yoga + meditation classes 
  5. Barry's Bootcamp - offering 20-minute bodyweight workouts live on Instagram 
  6. 305 Fitness - offering HIGH ENERGY cardio dance workouts live, twice a day! I tried one and it was super high energy and so fun! 
  7. Planet Fitness - live streaming at 7PM ET every day on Facebook! 
  8. LIT Method - offering one month free with promo code "BOLTCULTSTRONG" 
  9. Blink Fitness - live streaming workouts on Facebook! 

I hope this list helps you get some fun workouts during this time! 

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